Make Android Videogames with yor Phone, Tablet or PC

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Creacion de Videojuegos directo a la Accion, ya disponibles 4 Volumenes

Nuevo libro de creacion de juegos ya a la venta!!!

Ya esta a la venta el libro "Creacion de juegos directo a la accion" en Amazon, con el podras aprender a crear tus propios juegos desde cero. Puedes adquirirlo en la pagina de Amazon en españolAQUI o en la pagina de Amazon en ingles AQUI tambien desde Createspace AQUI


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As my new site opens its doors I'm glad to announce I'm actively working on new games, this time the tool I'm using is Unity, you might have heard about it, so espect great games coming from this corner of the internet =).

Meanwhile you can still play most of my Flash games and even behold some cool CG in the different sections. Dont forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay tunned on my new projects and releases getting some cool free stuff from time to time, and if you are passionate about games like me then don't hesitate, I want you =).

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